Euro Banknote Printing

Euro Banknote Printing
December 30, 2017 Comments Off on Euro Banknote Printing Banknote and Passport Priniting BOX HILL PAPER

Buy Counterfeit Euro Banknotes onlineBuy Counterfeit Euro Banknotes online from Box Hill Paper.

When it comes to Counterfeit Banknote Printing, there is only one name.

Box Hill Paper produces the best counterfeit Euro banknotes in the market. These notes can be used in stores and Casinos. Euro Notes produced with top class engineering and high security. Box Hill Paper has state of the art equipment and software this give them an edge in the banknote printing business.

Box Hill Paper is the trusted source if you are looking for Grade A Euro counterfeit banknotes. We will print any quantity you want and have it delivered in 5 days.

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Producing a Grade A counterfeit Euro note has a lot to do with the type of paper you use that is why Box Hill Paper uses cotton paper and the best substrates. Our technology is the best there is in the market and our notes are up to standard. They can be used freely in Casinos, Supermarkets, vending machines, pharmacies and small stores.

Our notes are the best because we use Intaglio Printing. This in particular gives the note a high-quality appearance, striking colors, vivid motifs and tactile relief. There are also exclusive special-effect inks for making the notes more easily verifiable and for anti-counterfeiting security. With intaglio printing and our innovations in process engineering, contemporary banknotes become little works of art – with individual security effects.

Intaglio printing gives our banknotes a unique appearance which puts them in the same category as the real banknotes not easily detectable.  It is characterized by rich colors and tactile structures. The banknote paper is not only printed with ink, but also shaped and compressed in the process, giving our counterfeit banknotes a clean appearance that lasts.
Over the years, we have continually refined intaglio printing in order to drive forward evolution in design and security.

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Euro Counterfeit Banknotes of very highly quality, Grade A standard available now.

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